Friday, 8 August 2014

and blogging.

A blog is a personal website or web page on the www.
Blog is a word formed from WEB LOG.
A blogger writes a blog on a regular basis - or blogs on a regular basis.
A blog can be written and run by one person.

A blog can be run by or for a group.
A blog can be a muliti-author blog (MAB) with various bloggers contributing.
A blog can include photographs, diagrams and other illustrations.
A blog can include art, music and video.
A blog can educate - as an edu-blog.
A blog can inform on a particular subject.
A blog can promote discussion.
A blog can be a social network.
A blog can an on-line diary, recording personal reactions and opinions,
A blog can include links to other sites and advertising.
A blog can share recipes and patterns and run competitions.
Blog entries are called posts and appear in reverse order - most recent at the top.
Blogs are usually interactive allowing visitors to comment on posts.
Blogs around the world number over 200 million, with new blogs appearing daily.
Bloggers sometimes take time off for life.

Welcome back.

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