ABOUT Janine

I survive life through faith, relationships, ideas, attitude, forgiveness, creativity, joy, truth and being in awe of creation.

I am
- currently a helper to my husband, on our small organic ginger farm
- the mother and grandmother of adults
- a proof reader and editor
- a designer
- a volunteer
- living in a secret valley with my husband and dog and a variety of wildlife
- interested in animals, nature, people and collecting stories

I was
- once a teacher of art and craft
- a student of art, specialising in design

I have
- many hobbies including sewing, paper mache, writing, illustration, reading 
- trouble following patterns so make my own
- designed and made clothes, toys, stage costumes, scenery, dolls, quilts, books, kids crafts etc
- written many short stories, picture books and middle grade novels that live in my drawers
- had some short stories published and magazine articles
- planned to indulge myself more in sewing, illustrating and story writing
- assisted with the design and building of our house, still unfinished
- survived - losing my parents, divorce, remarriage, being a foster parent and cancer

My delight is my children, my husband and God's goodness