CRAFT Silk bags

Silk shopping bags  

The label says silk is stronger than cotton.

I buy plain coloured silk bags and find the lighter colours are easier to decorate.
My fabric pens were bought at Spotlight and on the net. They are lovely on silk.

First push a cushion into the bag, 
making sure it's big enough to provide a flat surface to work on. 
Slip a sheet of card between the silk and the cushion.
Draw your design on paper with a black marker.  
Slide the paper into the bag, on top of the card. I should show through.
Now you can trace the design through the silk. 
Use a thin marker for the outline 
as the fabric ink or paint pens can be a bit heavy for the outline, 
depending on your design of course.
Now you can colour in.   

If you are not up to shading, plain flat colours are good too.
I am not good at folk art - with paint and a brush,  
and I make a mess with water colour paints
but, I love shading with pencils or pens 
so this is form of silk painting is just right for me.

I usually decorate the back too - because I can.

If you keep the original tag, 
you can write your name on the back as the artist, 
- and why not?

The colours look wonderful on the silk - the ink just glows.

Originally I'd planned to just personalise my own shopping bags, 
but they looked so good they were too good 
and I gave them away as gifts. 
Everyone who has one has been delighted. 
For my own use I have dark blue and purple bags to take shopping 
so I'm not temped to decorate them and give them away.

If you haven't thought of it 
- you could trace your childrens' art work 
and let them do the colouring 
- good for a grandparent or teacher gift.

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